Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Agent?

A Master Agent is an agency that:

  1. Signs carrier contracts and consolidates volume
  2. Assists its sub-agents with both pre and post sales support
  3. Consolidates commissions from multiple carriers into one monthly commission statement/payment
  4. Leverages its size to gain concessions from carriers on behalf of its agents. Since master agents pool the volume of hundreds of independent agents into a single contract with each carrier, the community at large does not have to bear the burden of sales quotas which provide a more stable and stress-free income stream.

IOG Telecom, founded by Camille Charron, was created in response to the horrible agent support he received as a sub agent. Frustrated with long delays that accompanied each price quote request, the level of commission they were earning, and the lack of accuracy with the service requests, IOG Telecom was born. Agents today will find IOG Telecom gives personalized support, direct contracts with all carrier partners and audited commissions.

Even more important than the efficiencies we’ve created is our reputation. Integrity is at the heart of our business and we take great pride in doing right by our agents and carriers, even when nobody is watching. Our philosophy is that business is a direct reflection of its owners and management, not an entity you can hide behind while making immoral decisions.

How and When are Commissions Paid?

IOG Telecom pays out commissions on the 28th of each month via Electronic Funds Transfer.

How Long After a Sale Does it Take for Commissions to be Paid?

Between 30 and 90 days. The main factor is the time it takes for the supplier to credit approve your client, install, turn up their service, and send or collect a first bill. Once the supplier receives its first payment from a client, IOG Telecom is paid around the 25th of the month, just 3 days ahead of your payday which is the 28th of each month. Bigger networks will start to commission as soon as the first site is turned up and billing, and continue to grow until the entire network is billing.

Communication Solutions

Made Simple.

IOG Telecom is a master agent for Shaw Business, TELUS Business, and Net Plus IT. As a client, whatever your business, we’ll find you a phone and Internet plan to ensure you do business on a reliable network. Each plan is designed to meet your unique needs. 

Let us show you how. Whether you are currently with another service provider or are starting a new business, email or call us at 604-560-8888. An IOG Telecom representative will be happy to discuss your business needs and work out a bundle that fits you.
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